Web and Internet Services

(Functional Area 2)


A broad range of business solutions and support using the capabilities of the web and Internet; design, develop, test, implement and maintain web sites, portals, web applications and web services and the associated hardware, software, network and security components that comprise these solutions.

Examples of Potential Services: 

Design, develop, test, implement and maintain secure and accessible web and internet solutions such as web site portals, web applications and web services for various business processes including requisitions, quotes, purchase orders, notices of award, electronic payments, etc.;

  • Provide scalable security solutions for web and internet services at the network and application level such as secure sockets layer certificates, user authentication and single sign on (SSO), application firewalls, intrusion detection system (IDS) monitoring, public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital signatures;
  • Design, develop, implement and maintain web graphics and site content, including electronic catalogues of goods and services, to ensure accuracy and timeliness of information published to the web;
  • Create web-based applications that are a front-end to traditional mainframe system;
  • Apply new and emerging technologies to establish current and scalable web development platforms;
  • Assist in the implementation and customization of web services and other COTS solutions for the internet including, but not limited to electronic commerce/electronic data interchange (EC/EDI);
  • Provide data transformation solutions between disparate systems;
  • Monitor performance of web-based solutions including, but not limited to, traffic, usage statistics and surveys; and
  • Provide configuration management control services and solutions.

The examples of services listed in this section are not all inclusive of the services available under the Master Contract.